Monday, May 24, 2004

We will walk through the fire

Too tired to blog on the president's speech itself on the Iraq handover - and, really, it wasn't fantastic anyway; no eminently quotable standout lines, just a genially bland list of policy statements* - but I noted this interesting pre-speech candour from CNN's Anderson Cooper on the transition: "You've got to wish the president smooth sailing. No, really. You've got to. We're all in this boat together." Cooper is obviously no fan of George Bush. He occasionally takes cheap shots in his arguments that makes this clear, and I don't much care for his show at the best of times. But he seems to understand, as many of his fellow journalists don't, that there's such a thing as being the loyal opposition. Disliking the president or being against the war need not mean rooting for humiliating and damaging American defeat. We are all in this together; not just all Americans, but the entire civilized world, and it's in everyone's interests but the terrorists' to have a free and stable Iraq. Wouldn't it be nice if the media at large was able to recognize this? *And, Jeebus, I can't believe he stumbled on the pronunciation of 'Abu Ghraib' three times. That's going to end up in a Kerry ad or a agitprop piece, I just know it...


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