Monday, May 31, 2004

Take him away, he's got nothing to say

Memo to and Democratic Underground members: This, not the presidency of George W. Bush, is what creeping authoritarianism looks like. It is now apparently an act suspicious enough to be worthy of police investigation and search to criticize the Premier of Ontario with "harsh language." Ah, but surely the accused must have been making death threats or otherwise showing some such worthy signs of suspicious behaviour? No charges have been laid regarding the e-mail as it did not contain any death threats or threats to cause bodily harm [...] Jack Carleton apparently did nothing illegal in the act that caused police to search his home, where they did in fact find evidence of illegal activity - some marijuana and several unlicensed handguns. Despite my intolerance for recreational drug use, I find this scenario reprehensible. It wasn't worth it, even for the OPP to find what they did. It was an improper search - though not, I'm sure, illegal. If he had made death threats to McGuinty, I'd be all for landing on Mr. Carleton with both feet. Yet he didn't. And that's unnerving. To Premier Dalton McGuinty: You, sir, are an obnoxious and despicable dissembler. Your party and you yourself have the same ignominious reek of corruption now so evident in the federal Liberals. Though I didn't much care for Ernie Eves, you are such a low and dishonest malfeasant that you are not worthy to lick his boots. It is my hope that, come next election, you are thrown out of office with as much force as the voters of this province can muster. To borrow a phrase from Saint Pierre of Montreal, Fuddle Duddle. Now, come and get me, bucko.


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