Thursday, May 20, 2004


Hee. I have to confess: At one point I actually liked Michael Moore. Back in the days of TV Nation, before he completely imploded with sheer impotent rage - although, I must admit, I don't remember much of the show. It was probably as egregiously one-sided and awful as anything he's made recently, but in 1994 what politics I had were determined largely by what seemed entertaining, and he certainly did that to a point. I was young and stupid; wasn't everyone, once? I also recall being mildly entertained way back when by Canadian Bacon - though not at all, when forced to watch it in high school Politics class. I pushed for Bob Roberts as a token pointless movie. It may be Republican-bashing tripe, as most of the class would have favoured, but it's at least more sharply written tripe than Moore's clumsy attempt at satire. Somewhat more of an irritant: Being required to watch Bowling For Columbine for a criminology class last year. I think the prof was trying to make a point about media bias, and the non-documentary nature of such blatantly biased opinion pieces. If he was, it sailed right over the heads of most of the class, who cheered in the theatre. The irony of agitprop is lost on an audience wholeheartedly agreeing with it.


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