Friday, May 28, 2004

The pious, hateful and devout

I agree that it's an encouraging sign to see the normally useless CBC Newsworld plan to report on the reprehensible barbarities that are committed by Islamofascists. But note the copy in the description of this special: In The Name of God: Scenes From The Exteme traces the connection between acts of terror and a religion of compassion and mercy. While the documentary focuses on the lives of extreme minority factions, it notes that followers of Islam have widely divergent views on the meaning of Jihad and martyrdom. Well, of course! Because the scary and violent Muslims comprise only an extreme minority of the population! Unlike those scary right-wing Christians, whom the CBC rarely miss a chance to cast FUD upon as a monolithic group. Now, I'm not religious at all. I suppose I'm nominally some variety of Protestant, but if I believe anything it's very vague agnosticism, and I certainly haven't been near a church (except to admire Gothic and Romanesque architecture) in at least ten years. I fear and loathe insane fundamentalist Christians as much as insane fundamentalist Muslims. The difference is that the CBC tries to pretend the former are Canada's biggest domestic security threat, while most of the time also implying the latter don't really exist, except in lying American propaganda. It's the same problem as in most every other media source in North America, admittedly. But most every other media source isn't a state organ, directly dictating policy to its viewers. I do accept - barring lack of hard evidence to the contrary - that the majority of Muslims don't practice or support terrorism or the barbarities shown in this report. But I resent the typical CBC spin that would whitewash what seems by reports to be a fairly large minority into a tiny minority, just for the sake of multiculti pieties.


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