Sunday, May 23, 2004

A lotta locomotion, that's what we need

It's on. Finally. Though of course we've been having attack ads running for a week; I kept thinking I'd missed the call, or something. I was up on the Hill for a bit this afternoon. I was going to go grocery shopping (tomorrow being an annoyingly timed statutory holiday for my purposes) but the bus got stuck behind a broken-down taxi in front of the Langevin Block, i.e. across the street from Parliament Hill, where it's the normal weekend summer crowd plus a dozen campaign and media buses setting up for their own circus. So I went and hung around the press gaggle by the Tory buses for half an hour. Nothing happened, sadly. However, I do have to critique the particular photo of Stephen Harper they've used for the vinyl appliques on the buses. It's creepy. Really creepy. Harper looks fine on video, for some reason, but always seems to be badly lit in stills, and tends to look somewhere between deranged and megalomaniacal. This is, as it's said, not good.


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