Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Krypton Sucks

Sorry - I still enjoy Family Guy. Yes, the animation is terrible. Yes, the gags are hit-or-miss. Yes, the writers knew when to give up on an overly long joke even less than those of mid-80s SNL. But it's still entertaining to watch, in a train-wreck sort of way. Peter is the logical extension of "Jerkass Homer" - a character so repellent, stupid and unpleasant that it's fascinating to see what'll happen next out of sheer voyeuristic schadenfreude. Kinda like Trailer Park Boys in that regard, really. And there are usually enough obscure one-liners and amusing non sequiturs to sustain one's interest through the dry patches. ("Me likee bouncee! Me likee bouncee!") I'd also submit that when the elements of satire are actually, y'know, satirical, they're superb; I point to the teaser of 3x02, "Brian Goes Hollywood," for a clever (and short) little riff on action movie clich├ęs and the editing of recaps. Most importantly, much as I can understand disliking Family Guy, primetime animation is primetime animation - and, for the good of the industry, better it exist than not. The same phenomenon that gave us Futurama also brought forth The PJs and God, the Devil, and Bob. If the return of Family Guy rekindles even the slightest bit of interest in primetime animation, perhaps stimulating production of something more similar to the former than the latter, won't it be worth it to avoid Fox for a half-hour each week?


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