Wednesday, May 19, 2004

He also taw a puddy tat! He did! he did!

Yeah, it's election time all right. Tonight's Enterprise just had a Liberal attack ad using supposedly damning quotations from Stephen Harper, leader of the Conservative Party. Culminating with, after familiar quotations about the government using social services and economic statistics to avoid confronting the fact that Canada has become a second-rate power, "He really did. He called Canada second-rate."
Mommmmmmmy! Stevie called me second-rate! Make him stop! There's more, at Stephen Harper Said. The left likes to crow about the evils of McCarthyism. Will they condemn this recklessly unsubtle attempt to paint Stephen Harper as "un-Canadian?" Or will they join in? Update: My mistake of the site's URL fixed, plus a screencap. Another thought: This could help. These aren't particularly groundbreaking statements, here. All of these ads make me want to vote Conservative even more, because they remind me that at least one of the parties actually stands for something.


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