Sunday, May 30, 2004

From Sind to Cooch Behar

Veterans who fought and bled and remain haunted by their experiences might be surprised to learn Kerry took an 8mm home movie camera to Vietnam to capture himself in battle, an act of vanity that smacks of calculation. ...I see. In the current context, with digital cameras and phonecams being not only common but plentiful in the theatre of war, this is neither spectacular nor extraordinary. But in 1966? An 8mm camera wasn't exactly a toy for the idle rich by that point, but it still seems like a fantastic luxury for a junior officer to bring along. Was Kerry mentally directing the filmed hagiography of his life even then? Has he been plotting this presidential campaign his whole life? The rest of the article is worthwhile as well; it's a good reminder of just how much a braggart and self-appointed hero John Kerry is, compared to thousands of others. I honour Memorial Day in the memory of all veterans, even Kerry; I can't denigrate his honourable service that much, even though it is so tainted by his post-service dalliances with treason. (Via Betsy's Page.)


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