Saturday, May 22, 2004

Fool's Paradise

What happens when the Toronto Star has to choose between the platitudes of feminism and multiculturalism? They actually come up with a decent bit of reporting, on the truly disturbing creep of sharia law into the civilized world. I am impressed, but unnerved by the content. This is a problem. You want to immigrate to Canada? Fine. Leave your public stonings, beheadings, and beatings behind. They aren't welcome here. But, of course, the problem is that they are. An exceptionally liberal Liberal immigration policy refuses to make value judgments about potential immigrants, and makes claiming refugee status all too easy. Canada is the world's mark, and a ruling party become increasingly dependent on the support of ethnic communities only exacerbates the problem. They just can't imagine any danger in the pandering that allows such a barbaric legal code outside the law of the land. We're going to pay for it, sooner or later. (Via LGF.)


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