Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Enemies and adversaries, they try and tear me down

BoingBoing's Cory Doctorow passes on John Gilmore's - the same idiot that went around wearing a "Suspected Terrorist" button on airplanes, picking fights to provoke security into throwing him off - theory on the ultimate Bush-killing Dem ticket: Kerry-Nader. It wouldn't work. Not a chance in hell. I suspect anyone who's actually so far left as to reject Kerry for Nader as too similar to Bush (when you're far enough away from the centre, I suppose Democratic and Republican platforms would look a bit alike) would see him taking the VP nomination as selling out. If there's one thing the smelly hippies of the world hate, it's selling out. Better to shake your fist in rage to an increasingly smaller extremist crowd than admit you were wrong and join the mainstream. Moreover, Kerry is by no means anyone's dream candidate, as Mickey Kaus' Dem Panic Watch series keeps showing - he was merely the least bad option in a field of career pols, nobodies, and crazies. Taking on a known quantity for the Democratic ticket that would be popularly perceived to be as nuts as Dean would likely turn off a number of centrists - and their staying home would be as good as a vote for Bush. I am worried about the election. As The Professor said this morning, it's either side's to lose. I should be hoping against hope that the Dems do something stupid like persuade Nader to sign on, but I don't. A two-party system relies on healthy competition between both sides. If Bush takes the prize in November, it seems probable that the Democratic Party as we know it will self-destruct like the Federalists or Whigs did in the past, and that is Not Good. Canada has seen what a de facto one-party system will do to a country. It's just not healthy. All I ask for is a good clean fight, really; if my guy wins, that's a bonus. Update: Of course, I'm forgetting that a lot of people on the left actually believe the nonsense they spout about Bush being Dick Cheney's catspaw. Perhaps the plan is to have Ralph Nader be a similar éminence grise?


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