Sunday, May 23, 2004

"By the way, that story I filed from Baghdad was all made up."

Well. I'm impressed. The season finale of The Simpsons. "Fraudcast News," managed to insult neither my intelligence nor my beliefs, which is quite a bit more than I expected after last week's travesty. There were one or two cheap shots - "Don't end up like me, Vote Republican" the worst of them - but also nice ridicule of media pundits, as in Milhouse's above admission of lacking journalistic ethics. ("I was actually in Basra," he adds. Hee.) The conclusion, however, sees - although Mr. Burns has control of all Springfield's media - the citizens of the town starting to publish their own newspapers, which I most definitely concur with as a Good Thing. (I'm guessing in another year or two, this would have been a call to blog, rather than self-publish on hard copy.) Though I'm sure the writers think of something else entirely than I do in their version of speaking truth to power. "A thousand freaks broadcasting their worthless opinions?" Yes. Yes, we will.


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