Friday, May 21, 2004

The battle may be bloody

But that kind of works for me. It's looking more and more like the Conservatives actually have a chance. Ontario has historically tended not to let the same party have power both provincially and federally, so that's a good sign, especially given the very appropriate discontent over the provincial Liberals' budget of tax hikes. Increasing discontent with Paul Martin, specifically, is a good sign; he's less earned the job than waited around his whole life to settle into it - sort of like Bob Dole or John Kerry, he really just expects to be the boss because, well, it's his turn. However, I have one major reservation that's bothering me more and more now: a minority government. I work for an MP's office, for a member of a party I do not support. (It's a long story; draw your own conclusions.) In a minority situation, this MP would possibly be part of a coalition government - and if so, given the honourable member's record specifically, might even be invited to a cabinet position. This worries me, given my concerns about the party's platform. I originally took the job because it wasn't for a government MP, not for a Liberal; in a way, any opposition will do sometimes. But, on the other hand, I'm no stranger to the principle of enlightened self-interest; I've got to save my phony-baloney job if I can. So I'll give it my all, hoping that at least this particular riding will re-elect their incumbent, despite hoping for a surprise Conservative upset. Though I almost don't, because that would put me in an even more tricky ethical position. The politics played in your own head are the worst kind, y'know?


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